About Us


Being an Institute of Excellence in Technical Education in Tamil Nadu. We train the individuals (students) focusing on the needs of the Society & nation, in tune with the Modern technological developments.


Our Mission is to produce disciplined Quality Technocrats through Academic Programme of Excellence to serve the Society and the Nation.


  1. To offer Diploma Programmes (Regular and Part-time) to cater to the needs of industry, business and the community.
  2. To develop the total personality of our students and make them technically competent.
  3. To enhance the competency profile of the faculty and the staff
  4. To conduct Continuing Education programmes using flexible modes of delivery benefiting the unemployed youth in rural and urban areas and also the industry and community.
  5. To arrange for In-plant training for students.
  6. To offer Counseling, Career Guidance and Placement Services to our students.
  7. To strengthen our links with industry and the community through testing and consultancy.
  8. To provide effective training to the students by making use of the excellent infrastructure, under the guidance of trained and well qualified faculty and staff.
  9. To respond to the needs and concerns of the community including empowerment of women.
  10. To promote and preserve an eco-friendly environment.
  11. To adopt a participatory and information-sharing approach in all our activities.


To develop the Institution into a Centre of Excellence in Technician Education by providing globally competent human resources with focus on uplifting the poor, rural and under privileged.


The institution is dedicated to the cause of Technical Education wherein the youth of the country is trained for specific technical jobs in industry and services. They are also trained to develop attitudes of self-reliance, consideration for others. Cooperation, helpfulness, steadfastness in work and striving for excellence. Facilities are continuously developed in the Polytechnic college by the faculty members to enable each student to develop himself to the maximum extent possible. Every student is expected to cooperate in the venture.